Our Vision & the 8 C's

We will provide quality learning opportunities that actively promote the development of our
‘Eight Competencies’ – The 8 C’s:

1. Christian Living

Actively living the Gospel Values
We live life like Jesus

2. Confident

In their own abilities and willing to face challenges
We give it a go

3. Communicators

Competent in using language, symbols and text to make sense of their world
We share information

4. Critical Thinkers

Able to use effective thinking, reflection and problem solving skills
We think in different ways

5. Creative

And innovative in their thinking
We have new ideas

6. Collaboration

Active participants who relate well to others
We work well together

7. Connected

Able to make connections both in their learning and in their world
We think about our learning

8. Culturally Aware

Valuing traditions, beliefs and heritage
We respect ourselves and others