Special Character

Special Catholic Character

The mission of Catholic education is to educate students within an atmosphere of Christ’s love.  The school encourages growth in faith and prepares young people for their life as Catholic Christians in the community.

The school’s Charter and Strategic Plan identifies the Special Character elements, which underpin the academic, social, cultural and spiritual life of the school.

The Annual Plan includes specific Special Character Goals which show how our Special Character will be preserved and developed.

All Board policies contain Special Character Statements.

As a Catholic School St Joseph’s develops the whole person in Jesus Christ and encourages each student to a deepening relationship with him.

To do this we:

  • Provide a faith environment for children to experience Catholic Life and to learn the teachings of the Catholic tradition.
  • Instil in the students a spirit of prayer and an understanding of how to live by Christian values.
  • Encourage the school community / parents to support their children through active attendance at school Liturgies, Masses and Parish Sacramental Programmes.
  • Nurture a caring attitude that acknowledges the obligations and responsibility we have to others.
  • Teach the Religious Education Programme which aims to lead the children to the realisation that learning and living the faith is a life-long process.

Religious Education Programme

This forms a vital part of the school day with all classes having regular Religious Education lessons.  Often an RE teaching point will be raised in other curriculum areas.   Prayer is a regular component of the programme and plays an important part of each day within classes or at whole school gatherings.  The Director of Religious Studies, a classroom teacher, oversees the Religious Education Programme throughout the school.   The Family Whanau booklet gives a background to the programme being taught – click this link to view the Family Whanau booklet.

Learning Strands

  • God – “The Father Almighty” – Te Atua To Matua kore
  • Jesus Christ – “His only Son our Lord” – Hehu Karaiti
  • The Holy Spirit – “The Lord, the giver of life” – Te Wairua Tapu
  • Church – Community of Disciples – Te Whanau a Te Karaiti
  • Sacrament – Hakarameka
  • Communion of Saints – Te Kotahitanga o Te Hunga Tapu.

There is also a set of Learning Modules that are used at specific times.

  • The Liturgical Year – Te Tau Me Ona Ritenga Tapu
  • Prayer – Te Karakia
  • Sacramental Celebration – Nga Ritenga Hakarameta
  • Myself and Others – Ko Au, Ko Ratou.